No one's life is unimportant -  Especially to the lives they've touched.

Proud Veteran Owned Business Member!


     Heritage Recorders is an El Paso, Texas Veteran Owned business that preserves memories on Archival quality DVD's and CD's.  We preserve video tapes (VHS, Beta II/III, DVC, 8mm, VHS-C), audio tapes (reel to reel, cassette, and micro cassette), family film (8mm, 16mm with/without sound), as well as photographs and slides.  We can also convert your memories into a Photo-Video Keepsake with music so that you can tell a story with your memories that do not have audio.  

      All services are guaranteed.  I work from home so "you know where I live".  Most services done in-house and you will know the cost BEFORE I start working on your project.  If something needs to be sent out, I will ask before shipping out.

     Heritage Recorders knows how tight budgets can be and payment plans are available.

Competitive Prices, Satisfaction Guaranteed.


Hi, thanks for stopping by. I’m Rick Cormier, Owner of Heritage Recorders. I love to see people smile.

Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, I learned the importance of family. Unfortunately, like most people in their 20’s, I did not expect to lose both of my parents in less than a year.

I remember my dad talking about his travels in Europe during WWII. I just did not have the foresight to write down or record him with a tape recorder. Why should I? He would be around to tell his stories to my kids and I could do it then. I was in the Navy stationed in Washington DC and he was visiting one of my sisters in NC when he passed away from a heart attack.

Let me get your memories (film, tape, audio, pictures...)  preserved for you on CD or DVD. It can be a special occasion, like an Anniversary, Quinceañera, or Life Tribute (Memorial), or it could encompass the complete family heritage in first or second person sources.

Pictures fade, tapes wear out, machines stretch, or burn, or break your films and tapes. Let us transfer your previously recorded memories (whether film, video tape, audio tape, photos, slides, …) to CD or DVD and protect your memories for decades to come.