EVENTS (A Slice of time)

Birthday/Anniversary Keepsake

How about a photo-montage showing the life of the Birthday person or a birth/dating to the 50th Anniversary for the happy couple?  These quality keepsakes can be shown at the event on either a large screen TV  or via a projector.  They can then be taken home for a lifetime or remembrances.


So much more than a birthday party.  Each part of the Quinceañera has special meaning; the preparation, the church service, and the reception.  We can use photos of the celebrant from birth to 15 to create a special keepsake that can be shown at the reception or take the photos from the special day to create a keepsake of the day after the fact.

With such an important event, why not have us video all of it and give you the disk after?

Tribute Videos (Memorial)

The loss of a loved one &/or friend is a very difficult time.  With photos of the deceased, we can create a Tribute video to be shown at the viewing or wake.  Contact us.  We have no religious biasing.  ALL are welcome.


      Heritage Recorders has experience in transferring your precious memories from personal tapes (VHS {NTSC/PAL}, Beta II/III, DVC, and 8mm) and Home Movies 8mm and 16mm (silent or sound) to archive quality DVD's.  Home movies are sent out for processing (but I can have a copy done quickly for you while waiting for the return of your originals).

      We can also do "U-matic" and Beta I tapes by sending them out, or if there is a large enough quantity,  I will buy a player to do in-house.



        Still have recordings of your parents, brothers, sisters, or friends on audio tape?  Don't let them fade into history, let Heritage Recorders save them to archival CD's for you.  Listen to those old memories again.


Audio History

      Can you remember any stories told to you from your Grandparents or other relatives in that generation?  How great would it be if your grandchildren could hear the same stories from the same people?

      We can record or transfer recordings to a CD.  We transfer Cassettes, 1/4" Reel-Reel tapes, as well as records (78/45/33).

Video History
(borrowed from Steve Pender, Legacy Videos)

          A video biography or legacy video is a personal documentary, which can feature a variety of production styles, ranging from simple “talking head” presentations to full-blown documentaries featuring interviews and as many visuals and audio elements (like music and sound effects) as budgets allow.

What kinds of visuals can be used? Anything that can be shot on video or scanned and that helps to illustrate the subjects storytellers will talk about during their interviews – including still photos, newspaper/magazine clippings, diplomas, wedding announcements, plaques, trophies, medals, paintings, drawings, letters, keepsakes, souvenirs, childhood toys, and family video/film (converted to digital files).

      Here at Heritage Recorders you have the choice of how you want to tell YOUR story.  First person, second person, professional voice-over, recordings from the past all can be intermingled into YOUR story.


      This service is where we digitize data (important papers, birth records, marriage records,  title deeds, DD214's, etc) to archival disks.  These are not for entertainment value but for storage in case of catastrophe or to have on hand and have the originals protected (safe deposit box or other secure storage).