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Once again Rick has done a wonderful job of bringing our memories back to us! My little brother is getting married in September and I had some old video tapes that Rick put into digital for us. Some of those tapes were of my little brother as a young boy and to see him like that again as he is about to be married is priceless! Rick's affordable and professional service is just awesome!

Marry W.
El Paso, TX

Rick is amazing! He saved so many family memories! Long forgotten until he we took them to him!

Sally K.
El Paso, TX

I am enjoying the videos so much. I truly appreciate your professionalism and the beautiful videos you helped me transfer to DVD’s. My entire family is enjoying watching the beautiful memories of our children growing up. I will see you soon with more videos I need transferred to DVD’s.

Yolanda D.
El Paso, TX

Greatly appreciate this great service. Videos that had remained in storage and also traveled around the world several times were converted into DVDs. My four kids and 11 grandchildren are absolutely thrilled to see people they have only known as adults blissfully enjoying themselves as toddlers. And a grandmother they only knew from stories was pictured as young and in living color. There is no monetary value you can place on such a historic asset.

Ralph M.
El Paso, TX

How much fun was it for me to show my high school son a video of me playing basketball at the same school where he is playing today! Rick transferred a VCR tape to DVD. It was fast, easy and affordable. You really can't put a price on my son seeing his Mom at the age of 17 running around. Priceless. Thanks, Rick! I will be looking for more tapes!!

Anne M.
El Paso, TX

Great job and wonderful service! These DVDs will ensure we can sustain our family history and pass it on to future generations.

K. Crytzer
El Paso, TX

We have trusted Heritage Recorders with our family photos twice and both jobs have been excellent, the work is above and beyond what we would expect, the professional work is like he is working on his own family photos.
Thank you Heritage Recorders

A. Pacheco
El Paso, TX

Very impressed with the service that Rick provides. I had VHS tapes that I needed to be converted to DVD. He had it done very quickly and the quality was awesome. Very affordable and great service. Thanks Rick!

T. Burnett
El Paso, TX

Heritage Recorders did a fantastic job on the only picture we had of our son's college graduation. Thank you and GOD BLESS your special skills

Andy P.
El Paso, TX

Thank you Richard Cormier for converting our old movies to DVDs! Memories and loved ones!😢😊

Here is Rick's contact information and what he does. I highly recommend him. Known for long time been going to do this for years finally did transfer 8mm to DVDs. He is local veteran owned business. We trusted him with our treasured movies. He did a fabulous job we are still editing. We did not want to send our movies to an online company we didn't know we'd get them back.

Sally K
El Paso, TX

“Heritage Recorders has worked on a couple of video projects for us. All I can say is that I was “awestruck”. Rick Cormier takes great care in crafting a quality finished product. He is very easy to work with and everything is professional and top-notch. Lee & Beulah Moor Children’s Home will use Heritage Recorders for all of our future video needs!”

Paul W.
El Paso, TX

Not being technology savy at last I found a local to transfer my antique cell phone pictures to DVD. The DVD has been viewed by my family members and really enjoyed the pics. Rick's quality of work is great and his prices are very reasonable. I'm looking forward to getting those old VHS movies to DVD

Laura R.
El Paso, TX

Wow, what can one say about the service and about the value of taking 37 years of 8MM tapes and placing them on DVD. It was a surprise gift for family during our 40th wedding anniversary party. There was not a dry eye in the house. How can anyone place a value on saving all of those old memories on DVD! Now when we want to watch the old memories, we do not have to setup the projector, hope the tapes do not break, and just enjoy ourselves. Thank you!

Marc Richter
Tucson, AZ

My experience with Rick was very pleasant. Rick is very Professional and friendly. He was able to transfer my VHS video to DVD. The quality was great and I highly recommend his work.

Phillip L.
El Paso, TX

What a great, professional job Rick and Cathy did for my family. My sons, their wives and my grandchildren where able to see me at age 4, (1950 8mm), their grandparents, aunt and uncle, in color, as well as an entire chronological video right up through their own teenage years. I had three videos done, and as soon as I find the others, my grandchildren will see their parents at their own ages and my children will see when they caught their first fish, leaned to swim, scored their first soccer goal, and many Christmases and vacations. All the videos came out perfect, visually and sound. Last Saturday was my grandson's Baptism; these videos added extra memories the next day. Thanks Rick and Cathy.

Dr. Bob T.
Horizon City, TX

When our kids were little, I remember saying how fast the time passes. I think I can honestly say that anyone who has children says the same thing. It took me a while but, I finally sent the rest of our movies to Rick for him to transfer onto discs. We now have a small video library of our children. This is the one way for us to see our now adult children, as youngsters. These videos are wonderful reminders of how talented and funny our children have always been! It's even better for me because I was usually the one filming the videos. Everything is so small when you're watching through a view finder! Sometimes you even miss some of the action. Rick, thank you so much for giving us our memories back - our treasure. : )

The Woodlands, TX

My experience with Rick has been very unusual. Most businessmen keep an arm's length and expect all transactions to be competed according to their convenience. Rick, on the other hand is not that way. Upon learning that I had to take my 93 year old mother with me to work with him, he told me that would not happen again. From that time forward, he had made the hour and fifteen minute round trip jaunt to my home to work with me. Of course the quality of his work would be the primary interest to many, and I can honestly say I've never been disappointed. My family has enjoyed many hours of memories prepared by Rick, and we feel like we have made a friend in the process. It is a pleasure to work with honest and caring people!

J. Smith
El Paso, TX

I had participated in several church productions years ago that were only on VHS. Rick did an excellent job transferring them to DVD in high quality. He also took the time to personally call and get permission from the church to complete the transfer once we found out they were under copyright. Great to be served by a business that cares about the customer, even when there are obstacles.

Anthony R.
El Paso, TX

Rick was very helpful and was able to transfer video tapes to DVD quickly! Rick has been very generous with his expertise in advising me on the best types of software to use for film editing. Thank you Rick!

Cynthia G.
El Paso, TX

Ricks awesome! He preserved old VHS tapes of my sons when they were babies and now they're in their 30s! Now I don't have to worry about losing priceless memories! You won't regret saving your memories thru Ricks!

El Paso, TX

I just wanted to say a big thank you for saving my family video to a high quality DVD. I'm very happy with the finished product and am very happy I no longer risk losing my family footage. I will be bringing you more tapes to transfer soon! Thank you!!

El Paso, TX

My husband almost threw away more that 20 tapes of our family footage. I convinced him not to. I was so glad that Rick started this business venture. I will be sending you the other half soon. Thank you for saving our family treasures. We are enjoying watching our DVDs. These memories are priceless!

The Woodlands, TX